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We expect a litter in spring 2023

As now planned, Jane will be mated in winter 2022 - 2023. Exciting!  

We have now successfully completed our search for the perfect match for Jane.

Our eyes and heart has fallen on Phemto, a beautiful, very healthy black spotted male Bb.

This creates the possibility of a mixed litter. Brown and/or black spotted puppies.

A 'champion' in all areas. 

Interested or questions? Feel free to contact me.

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Do you have any questions? Then I'd love to hear from you.

Every pet has an impact in the home, especially a dog.
No doubt, your spot will become your best friend, but I still ask you to think carefully before bringing your new family member into your home.
Are you ready for a dog, also in the long term? Do other family members think it's ok?  

Do you feel like going to the dog school / vet?  Are you prepared to adapt your home to the newcomer and

are you aware that not only the purchase but also the daily care and maintenance of a dog costs a lot of money?

Yes?  Good first step!  The choice for a puppy is therefore not an impulse but a well-thought-out decision.

A puppy needs education and attention, ... and love of course, lots and lots of love.

The Dalmatian is no exception.  

If you are interested in a Dalmatian puppy, I advise you to first read all the information about the breed.   
The Dalmatian is a breed that needs a lot of attention and exercise and grows into a strong dog.

So on occasion I will breed a litter, according to the rules of the Koninklijke Maatschappij Sint-Hubertus.  


Our puppies are born in the house and will grow up together with our family for 8 weeks until they leave for their new owners.  

This way they are always supervised and socialized. 
Both mother dog, Jane and the puppies will receive all the necessary attention and love and

we try to teach the puppies as much as possible what is essential in their first months of life.

When the time is right, they will meet Grandpa Morris, our garden, strange people and will also take some short trips

to get acquainted with the outside world, such as by car to the veterinary practice.


From birth until the moment the puppy leaves for its new owners, you will be kept informed of all the antics and news

via photos and videos here on this site, as well as via social media.  From the age of 3 weeks you are more than welcome at our home for a puppy visit.

All puppies leave healthy, vaccinated, wormed, with BAER test, chip, vaccination booklet and puppy pack. You will receive the family tree as soon as it is available.
As a breeder I remain available for life for all questions about your puppy. 


PLEASE, don't buy a puppy through an ad on the internet or in a store, don't support this type of breeding.
Only buy a puppy from a serious breeder, who takes good care of his dogs for a lifetime. 
Visit the breeder and convince yourself if the dogs are in good shape and loved or the breeder just wants to produce puppies for money.
The future of the dogs is also in your hands.

To you, the choice of the breeder is as important as the choice of the puppy buyers by me, as the breeder. 
If you are interested in a puppy, you can be on the waiting list.
We want to make a good match between the puppy and the new family.

Responsible breeders do everything they can to guarantee puppies a good home. 
That is why I would like to get to know you in advance so that everyone's expectations can be discussed. 


Did you know...

A Dalmatian puppy is born completely white and only gets its spots after a few days.
On some puppies a large spot is already visible at birth. 
Usually this so-called 'patch' is located on the head.  It covers an ear, a part of the ear or sometimes also a part of the head.
Dalmatian puppies may be born with such a patch elsewhere on the body as well. If the spot is around the eye, we call this a monocle.

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